What our clients have said about our programs


Jess Lee

Master Financial Consultant

Success & I’s coaching showed very clearly my strengths, weaknesses as well as blind spots. From there, I restructured the administrative support and went on to do most of my business in the 2 months of November and December. It’s a worthwhile investment for both personal and career, thank you for giving me support during my low point.


Benny Lam

Director, Podium60 Fitness

I attended coaching with the intention to gain clarity over the next phase of my career. I now make better decisions at work and has improved my relationship/coaching abilities with my clients.

There really is strength in clarity.

I would suggest people who would like to have clarity in their lives to go. Success & I are professional, committed and caring!


Drake Lim

Web & Graphic Designer

I was burnt out, and I didn’t know why. I needed something to confirm what I wanted to do. Coaching gave me the confidence to go to that direction and how to go about doing it, while being aware of my strengths and blind spots. I have never felt so clear to take steps to move forward. I felt brave, supported and I am thankful.


Jia Huey

My boyfriend and I were in constant conflict and I was not happy in the relationship. I find myself often blaming and complaining about him. At that time I felt that he was not putting enough effort and making me feel alone in the relationship. But that was just one of my complaints. I had a long list.

With Christine, I started to discover more about myself that I understood that stress is not a way of life and that my issues has nothing to do with others but myself. When I started to gain clarity in identity and the stress I have been holding on to inside of me, magic started to happen in my relationship. I started to like myself a little more. My relationship became more loving! We are now happily married with home.

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Imran Mohamad

My family consisting of my wife and daughters mean the world to me. I always thought of me giving everything of who I am, and what I have to them - until I realised that I was burning myself out and building grudges unknowingly.

With Christine’s coaching and community support, I started to understand how my past affected my situation at home, and how even though I tried to separate, I brought work stress home.

I remember being confronted with the truth of how I affect my wife and children, on a daily basis - completely unawares! And how the anger from my past - still permeated my life.

Today I feel a lot happier and lighter on a daily basis, able to enjoy life’s beautiful moments, something I missed out on every day.

Finding clarity and reclaiming myself has been such a rewarding journey - most of all from forging an intimate bond with my wife, and the increased feeling of safety and love that I see in my daughters’ eyes today.

Please talk to Christine and team - they can help!"



Before I was a very stressed out, apprehensive, angry and unhappy person. There were frequent arguments amongst us and my relationship with my husband was strained. During the coaching sessions with Christine, she supported me in bringing clarity around my challenges. I realized that my challenges and emotional state has nothing to do with others.

Now my relationship with my husband has greatly improved. I feel more connection and love, and my style of parenting has naturally changed to be more relaxed. There is less stress and anxiety. I’m definitely a happier mother and wife.”


Emilyn Chua

Cybersecurity Manager

3 years ago, I was discerning the suitable career for myself. And I had finally decided to seek help from Christine a renowned career coach as I was not feeling motivated at work. However the path to seek for a suitable post is daunting task as I doubt my capability. I kept questioning if I would be a capable cybersecurity manager. If I am capable, then what is the reason that I am not in the position?

Christine had spent one and half hours explaining to my blind spots to me. Her coaching has helped me become a better person professionally and socially. I am more confident of myself and my strengths. She also shared with me what are the qualities that potential employer would be look for in a managerial post. I would strongly recommend any one who wants to gain clarity in their career to have a chat with Christine”