Relationship Success

Which of these sounds like you?


“My partner is my better half.”

“My partner completes me.”

“I am willing to sacrifice for the sake of love.”

“I’m here to make my partner better.”

“I can only be happy if my partner is happy.”

“My partner is my everything.”

“I will tolerate the intolerable because he/she is my spouse.”

“It’s okay if my partner cheats on me.”

These statements sound right, doesn’t it?

But what if they are the actual cause of your relationship problems?

The real secret to real relationship success.

We have been fooled by Hollywood and K-Dramas for a long time. We know it’s scripted, yet we unconsciously buy into it.

Pain, betrayal, suffering and sacrifice makes good drama, but you don’t need it in your relationship.

The real secret to lasting relationship with your spouse or partner is to first build a deep honest relationship with yourself.

It’s a simple truth. But not easy to practise.

Let us support you.


“Before I was a very stressed out, apprehensive, angry and unhappy person. There were frequent arguments amongst us and my relationship with my husband was strained. During the coaching sessions with Christine, she supported me in bringing clarity around my challenges. I realized that my challenges and emotional state has nothing to do with others.

Now my relationship with my husband has greatly improved. I feel more connection and love, and my style of parenting has naturally changed to be more relaxed. There is less stress and anxiety. I’m definitely a happier mother and wife.”


How our program builds your committed  relationship to the next level.


You will get to understand the real meaning of a healthy relationship that is true for you based on your needs.

You get to connect with your authentic self and thereby understand now to connect with your partner emotionally.

You will start to realign yourself with your partner.

You will experience renewed intimacy with your partner.


“My boyfriend and I were in constant conflict and I was not happy in the relationship. I find myself often blaming and complaining about him. At that time I felt that he was not putting enough effort and making me feel alone in the relationship. But that was just one of my complaints. I had a long list.

With Christine, I started to discover more about myself that I understood that stress is not a way of life and that my issues has nothing to do with others but myself. When I started to gain clarity in identity and the stress I have been holding on to inside of me, magic started to happen in my relationship. I started to like myself a little more. My relationship became more loving! We are now happily married with home.”

Jia Huey

Your relationship is worth the effort.

Don’t be afraid of what you might discover about yourself. The truth can only set you free.  We will be there to guide you along.

There is no shame in seeking help to build a better relationship with your partner.

Our programs are always carried out in a professional and confidential manner.

But what about your partner?

Don’t worry about your partner for now.

Our program will help you become a better partner. That is the first step towards a more intimate and authentic relationship.

Your partner will follow your example when they see you becoming better. That’s what happened to all our clients.