Parenting Success

Which of these worries you about your child?

Consistent misbehaviour

Academic challenges

Social media addiction

Gaming addictions

Smoking or drug taking

Bullying or being a victim of bullying

Depression and suicidal tendancies

Behaviourial symptoms (like eating disorders and ADD / ADHD)

Illness (like eczema, respiratory problems, HMFD)

Cyberbullying and online sexual grooming

Victim of child sexual abuse

We provide a safe space for you to work through your parental challenges.

It’s not easy being a parent. But you have done your best so far.

Many parents develop belief systems that seems normal but actually are counter-productive, such as…

A child is everything to me
I sacrifice my life for my child
Children are my investment
My child is my pride & joy
My child is supposed to love me

These beliefs actually stops you from seeing your child truly as he/she is.

You will uncover interesting connections and patterns between your children’s
behaviour, you, your spouse and other family members.

This is when real change and healing can start to take place. We invite you to adopt a curious mind and make your family better as a whole.

"My family consisting of my wife and daughters mean the world to me. I always thought of me giving everything of who I am, and what I have to them - until I realised that I was burning myself out and building grudges unknowingly.

With Christine’s coaching and community support, I started to understand how my past affected my situation at home, and how even though I tried to separate, I brought work stress home.

I remember being confronted with the truth of how I affect my wife and children, on a daily basis - completely unawares! And how the anger from my past - still permeated my life.

Today I feel a lot happier and lighter on a daily basis, able to enjoy life’s beautiful moments, something I missed out on every day.

Finding clarity and reclaiming myself has been such a rewarding journey - most of all from forging an intimate bond with my wife, and the increased feeling of safety and love that I see in my daughters’ eyes today.

Please talk to Christine and team - they can help!"

Imran Mohamad

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