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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do I want a child?”


Most people feel that having a child is a natural progression of life. You go to school, go to work, get married, and have children. Some may even feel a pressure or obligation to carry on the family line. Women in particular may feel the pressure of having a child due to their age. In some cases, a child may even be used as a leverage to keep or maintain a relationship.

We are here to debunk the myths of parenting:

> A child is everything to me

> I sacrifice my life for my child

> Children are my investment

> My child is my pride & joy

> My child is supposed to love me

If you suspect or are having challenges with your child, like:

> depression and suicidal tendancies

> misbehaviour

> bullying and being a victim of bullying

> behaviourial symptoms (like eating disorders and ADD / ADHD)

> illness (like eczema, respiratory problems, HMFD)

> academic challenges

> gaming addictions

> social media stress

> cyberbullying and online sexual grooming

> child sexual abuse

> smoking or drugs

Christine Wong will support you to understand the issues and how your internal state as parents may be unconsciously stressing the child, and there is a solution. Benefit from her experience after coaching hundreds of parents seeking answers in their journey of parenthood.

  • Laser-accurate tools and methods to get to the root of your parenting issues and provide clarity in a few hours, not years of ineffective coaching or consulting.

  • Our experience working with more than 30,000 professionals around the world.

  • Identity Psychology-based coaching for rapid, deep, sustainable impact in your business

The Success & I Difference

Since 2004, Christine has founded her own training practice and has enabled more than 30,000 adults to discover and breakthrough in the areas of career, business and relationship. Christine is very passionate about transforming lives and heightening self-awareness through coaching and workshops. Her private and group coaching sessions are highly sought-after in Singapore and Asia as they are experiential and leaves long-lasting impact. With prior 6 years of experience in running a Headhunting firm, Christine provides relevant and practical insights to leaders who are truly committed to transforming their sales and team effectiveness. She utilities the award-winning tool, Harrison Assessment, to accurately coach CEOs, managers, executives, independent agents and business owners to identify critical blind spots and seek solutions and new possibilities. Individuals who have experienced Christine’s coaching has gained greater clarity, ease and permanent results in their success.

Who is Christine?

Imran Mohamad

My family consisting of my wife and daughters mean the world to me. I always thought of me giving everything of who I am, and what I have to them - until I realised that I was burning myself out and building grudges unknowingly.

With Christine's coaching and community support, I started to understand how my past affected my situation at home, and how even though I tried to separate, I brought work stress home.

I remember being confronted with the truth of how I affect my wife and children, on a daily basis - completely unawares! And how the anger from my past - still permeated my life.

Today I feel a lot happier and lighter on a daily basis, able to enjoy life's beautiful moments, something I missed out on every day.

Finding clarity and reclaiming myself has been such a rewarding journey - most of all from forging an intimate bond with my wife, and the increased feeling of safety and love that I see in my daughters' eyes today.

Please talk to Christine and team - they can help!


Before I was a very stressed out, apprehensive, angry and unhappy person. I constantly felt helpless and blamed my children for my stress. During the coaching sessions with Christine, she supported me in bringing clarity to realize my challenges and emotional state has nothing to do with others. It had something to do with my childhood situation and that has affected me till adulthood. Seems like the vicious cycle is continuing in me as a mother.
Since I did not understand myself then, I did not understand my children. I was not able to see them for who they are. 
Stressful situations in my family had been triggering my old emotion, and I react in negative ways.
Now my relationship with my children and husband has greatly improved. I feel more connection and love with them. My style of parenting has naturally changed to be more relaxed. There is less stress and anxiety. I see my children differently. I have become more accepting of them and start to understand them better. I’m less tensed and stressed out. I’m definitely a happier mother and wife.
The most important improvement is that I now understand the meaning of loving myself and loving my children for who they are.

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