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Our Story

Success & I is founded by Christine Wong, and is under the umbrella of Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd.

Success & I focuses on success-based training with a key emphasis on the “I”dentity of who we are in the pursuit of success.

Success being defined differently by different people is everyone’s target at work, relationships, marriage, health and wealth. To some it comes with ease.

But to many it comes with sacrifices, destruction of oneself and others, strife and resignation. Many gurus and experts have come up with formulas, blueprints, seminars, trainings hoping to teach and impart secrets to success. Yet to many who has been taught, it either very soon becomes an illusion and something that is almost impossible OR the success achieved doesn’t last for long.

Christine Wong believes the huge missing formula is the identity in the “I”. "Who am I?" is the key question one ought to ask. If you are in an identity that belongs to, for example, your parents or grandparents (one becomes identified with the family member’s patterns and cycles of success) then you are not in your true identity. If too you are in an “I”dentity of having to prove to your parents or someone else that you can do it, then you are not in your true self. To achieve something for someone else causes huge strife.

Christine Wong has coached and trained thousands in the areas of career, business, corporate, relationships, parenting and life. With a background in Psycho-traumatology and her 20 years of experience in coaching and training, she has concluded that the “I” in the achievement of success is very important. The “I”dentity will therefore determine the “why” - the reason behind your wanting. She believes in going back to the core of things - where one can find answers, resources, solutions, strength and wisdom.


“I've learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life.”

Maya Angelou