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Have you ever asked yourself - "Why am I doing what I am doing?" In that moment, you may suddenly ask, "What is the meaning of my life?" If you've ever asked yourself these questions, or perhaps spent a whole day looking at the wall pondering, or even feeling you've spent your whole life searching - you are not alone.

You were not given a handbook to life - but the good news is you can determine your life, if you have the courage to explore, ask quality questions, and choose. Here is support to find those answers from within - now.

What can you expect?

> Find immediate clarity in your life

> Discover possibilities in your future

> Realise the huge internal resources that you have

> Find your will to make your decision today

> Discover your true identity and wants in life

  • Laser-accurate tools and methods to get to the root of your life issues and provide clarity in a few hours, not years of ineffective coaching or consulting.

  • Our experience working with more than 30,000 professionals around the world.

  • Identity Psychology-based coaching for rapid, deep, sustainable impact in your business

The Success & I Difference

Since 2004, Christine has founded her own training practice and has enabled more than 30,000 adults to discover and breakthrough in the areas of career, business and relationship. Christine is very passionate about transforming lives and heightening self-awareness through coaching and workshops. Her private and group coaching sessions are highly sought-after in Singapore and Asia as they are experiential and leaves long-lasting impact. With prior 6 years of experience in running a Headhunting firm, Christine provides relevant and practical insights to leaders who are truly committed to transforming their sales and team effectiveness. She utilities the award-winning tool, Harrison Assessment, to accurately coach CEOs, managers, executives, independent agents and business owners to identify critical blind spots and seek solutions and new possibilities. Individuals who have experienced Christine’s coaching has gained greater clarity, ease and permanent results in their success.

Who is Christine?

Rachel Won

Before I got to know Christine, my business was very stagnant, I wanted to know how I could take my business to the next level. It turned out that I needed to know what is going on, on the inside, instead of seeking for answers on the outside.

During my first session I do not have much feelings and could not recognise myself. It was only after a few more sessions that I started to become more aware about myself and “WHO AM I”. My mind is clearer and somehow I can make better decisions. I also

used to be very messy but now I am more organised.

The big shift happened when Christine supported me with my intention of “I want myself healthy relationships”.

After that, my life starts to shift. I am able to trust myself more and communicate better. My business and relationships starts to improve. I want to thank Success & I for touching many lives including mine.

Issac Tan

I thought that I’m fine without feeling much emotions. I thought I have no problems and was happy. With Christine's, she help me realize that I’ve been suppressing my emotions and also limiting my full potential.

After several coaching processes, I realised the meaning of true happiness and the most importantly it came from within me. And the feeling is priceless! I used to have a lot of issue when came into speaking with others. It’s so hard for me to communicate in a confident way and I will always find myself stuck with words in my mind or in my throat. Not only that, I can’t maintain eye contact whenever I spoke. 
After one coaching process, I felt an immediate shift. I was able to speak with greater confidence with no blockage in my thoughts.

So far this journey in understanding myself has been amazing and very rewarding. I wouldn’t have achieved it without Christine.

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