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Business success through clarity.

The key management team of the company are the pillars of the organisation.


Very often it is not the product or services that is the problem, it's the people issues. People make the company, for a company to have sustainable success it is most key to understand your people

Find answers to these questions...

> Why is my team not movtivated?
> Why are there so much conflicts?

> Why is my team turnover so high?

> Why is my team still not up to expectations?

> Why is my team not listening to me?

> How am I impacting on my team's behaviour?

> How can I better support my team?

> How can my team better support me?

Who is this for?

C-Level Management, Directors and Business Unit or Function Heads, Sales Leaders

  • Precise identification of the stress points for you as a leader and how to solve them

  • Discover how to put the right person in their best positions in the team

  • Find out exactly what makes your team tick and how can you effectively engage and retain them

The Success & I Executive Coaching Difference

Since 2004, Christine has founded her own training practice and has enabled more than 30,000 adults to discover and breakthrough in the areas of career, business and relationship. Christine is very passionate about transforming lives and heightening self-awareness through coaching and workshops. Her private and group coaching sessions are highly sought-after in Singapore and Asia as they are experiential and leaves long-lasting impact. With prior 6 years of experience in running a Headhunting firm, Christine provides relevant and practical insights to leaders who are truly committed to transforming their sales and team effectiveness. She utilities the award-winning tool, Harrison Assessment, to accurately coach CEOs, managers, executives, independent agents and business owners to identify critical blind spots and seek solutions and new possibilities. Individuals who have experienced Christine’s coaching has gained greater clarity, ease and permanent results in their success.

Who is Christine?

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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