Tue, 10 Mar | Dubai, UAE (exact location updated soon!)

7 Unconscious Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success and How to Stop

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7 Unconscious Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Success and How to Stop

Time & Location

10 Mar 2020, 09:30 – 13:00 GMT+4
Dubai, UAE (exact location updated soon!)

About the Event

"The Biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams" - Oprah Winfrey

Does your career feel like desperation? 

Have you been dragging your feet to work...

And for some reason procrastinating on tasks that you know are critical?


Maybe you’re feeling lost, and doubting if this is the direction that will lead to long-term success…


No matter how many success gurus you learn from or books you read,  how you meditate or wake up in the morning to start your day,  or even how you try to think positive or change your state…   

It doesn't seem to work. The troubling feelings of doubt never go away.


On the surface you might appear busy… it might even seem to others like you know what you’re doing.


But, in the undercurrents of your business, your relationship with your business partners, your time with your family, and your daily life, this feeling goes on...


And you just wish you could experience success with ease. If only everything didn’t have to be a struggle all the time!


The good news is, it doesn’t!


The real (and scary) truth is, you can’t even see the things that are holding you back.


They’re all in your blind spots. And unlike driving a car, you can’t just turn around to look at your blind spots.


What if I told you that the reason you’ve been procrastinating important tasks is merely a symptom of a larger problem… 


This is a typical example how I uncover blind spots for my clients… after which, they’re suddenly able to skyrocket their productivity.


But it all starts with awareness of your blind spots.


So how do we know if we have blind spots sabotaging our success in the background?


Do you currently feel like you’re…

  • Putting in effort that’s not equal to the result that you want?
  • Helpless, desperate, even burnt out. You’ve tried many things to turn around your business but they didn’t work… even spending thousands at ra-ra seminars that left you in the same state after the adrenaline wears off...
  • Lost and unsure whether the current direction is where you want to go… but sick of changing direction!
  • Dealing with too many partnership problems like conflicts or betrayal?
  • Suffering from a sense of imbalance, like you’re sacrificing too much for too little...
  • Cashflow problems has always been a trigger point for making rash decisions?
  • And for some reason, the pattern keeps repeating itslef. Business failure, relationship breakdowns, cash flow problems, stress overload, again, and again...

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, this event will reveal the root causes as to why you feel this way… and why this pattern might have been working against you for a long time (and more, if nothing changes!)


If you resonate with more than 4, 5, 6 or even all 7 of these questions, then you truly NEED to be here for the sake of your business and your future!


You see, many people think it’s work that’s stressing them out… but the real truth is, it’s your internal state that’s pulling you back.


Once we’re able to restore a healthy state, we’re able to achieve our dreamswith ease.


It’s as if we didn’t realise before that we were stuck in first gear, and now that we do, everything is so much lighter, faster and easier…


If that’s starting to sound like a dream come true, then take it as a sign that you need to be at this event.


In this 3 hour session, Christine will bring you through a life-changing experience to discover what may be unconsciously stopping you to achieve success and how you may be sabotaging your own success without realizing it.


You will be taught to identify signs of internal blocks towards achieving success at work.


Here’s what you’ll walk away with:

  1. An idea of what your blind spots may possibly be
  2. See with some clarity the patterns that have been holding you back all these years
  3. Likewise, see with some clarity the patterns that have been supporting you
  4. Change the way you look at achieving success
  5. Discover the unconscious ways of sabotaging it (and which you have been doing without your own knowledge)
  6. Truly understand what attaining success with ease means
  7. Explore a science-based theory and tool that supports your success

Some people even have an immediate realisation of a huge blind spot…


This revelation is like splashing ice cold water on your face!


What would being free of this suffering mean for your career?


What if you could discover the tools to free yourself in this 3-hour training?


Imagine if all this did was to allow you to double your success in the next year, with half the stress...


Wouldn't it be worth the AED157 ticket for this life-changing event?



Date: 10 March 2020, Tuesday  

Time: 9:30am – 1pm  

Venue: Dubai, UAE (exact location will be sent closer to the event date, parking is provided)  

Coffee, juice and water will be provided throughout the workshop.



AED157 General Admission

AED117 Early Bird



Bring a FRIEND or register for BOTH Happiness and Success seminars and save BIG!  

2 Tickets at AED198 total (Only AED99 per person!)  

Promo ends 20 Feb 2020



- 3 hours life-changing workshop pass to understand the true meaning of happiness and how to achieve it at work/ home/ with friends/ as couples  

- Practical activities and exercises to understand happiness mastery first-hand  

- Introduction to an enjoyment based scientific tool  

- Post-seminar community support by System Of The Heart group 

- Refreshments, coffee and tea 



E: events@phoenixcome.com

M: +971 56 2141161



W: www.christinewong.sg

F: https://facebook.com/systemoftheheart

Y: https://www.youtube.com/christinefoongwong

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