Processing Your Emotions In Times Of Crisis

Get out of anxiety, fear & helplessness - and find clarity and confidence

About the author

Christine Wong’s warm and open personality makes her relatable to her clients. Since 1996 she has been coaching and training. She supports her more than 30,000 clients through their self-discovery process. Christine’s passion for facilitating personal transformation has brought her around the world just to learn cutting edge modalities that create significant mindset and psychological shifts.


She has supported the following groups of people: business owners, working executives, C-level executives, investors, business partners and individuals.

With her impactful style of training and coaching she conducts powerful training sessions and 1-1 coaching sessions to make a difference to every individual who walks in the door.


She surrounds herself with people who has the same values and also puts importance in the “I” of things.

She has a group of qualified coaches personally trained by her and a supportive and committed management team to support her to bring the works to Asia.

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Rachel Won

Before I got to know Christine, my business was very stagnant, I wanted to know how I could take my business to the next level. It turned out that I needed to know what is going on, on the inside, instead of seeking for answers on the outside.

Now, my mind is clearer and somehow I can make better decisions. I also

used to be very messy but now I am more organised.


Thank you Christine and Success & I for touching many lives including mine.

Issac Tan

I thought that I’m fine without feeling much emotions. I thought I have no problems and was happy. Christine helped me realize that I’ve been suppressing my emotions and also limiting my full potential.
I used to have a lot of issue when came into speaking with others. It’s so hard for me to communicate in a confident way. Now, I am able to speak with greater confidence with no blockage in my thoughts.

I found my meaning of true happiness and the most importantly it came from within me. And the feeling is priceless! 

More than 30,000 people have found clarity with us