Career Transition Coaching

We help executives and managers to get clarity on their strengths, blind spots, stressors and potential derailers to understand the root source behind their challenges so they will not fall into the same negative cycles again.

How We Support Our Clients

We have more than 20 years of experience successfully supporting individuals who are:

  • looking to find their desired career path
  • feeling lost about their career path
  • exited their organisation as a result of redundancy
  • looking to smoothly move on to the next stage of their career.

We provide emotional and psychological support with our  tailored, science-based career behavioural report and human-driven experience.

Let's hear from our client

“3 years ago, I was discerning the suitable career for myself. And I had finally decided to seek help from Christine a renowned career coach as I was not feeling motivated at work. However the path to seek for a suitable post is daunting task as I doubt my capability. I kept questioning if I would be a capable cybersecurity manager. If I am capable, then what is the reason that I am not in the position?

Christine had spent one and half hours explaining to my blind spots to me. Her coaching has helped me become a better person professionally and socially. I am more confident of myself and my strengths. She also shared with me what are the qualities that potential employer would be look for in a managerial post. I would strongly recommend any one who wants to gain clarity in their career to have a chat with Christine”

Emilyn Chua
Emilyn Chua
Cybersecurity Manager

We help you find clarity through a systematic data driven analysis of your blind spots.

How it works

Discovery Call

Discovery Call

Book a no-obligation discovery consultation with us
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Step 01
Take an Assessment

Take an Assessment

Take a science-based career behavioural report to identify your strengths, blind spots, and areas of improvement
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Step 02
Develop For Your Career

Develop For Your Career

Engage in a guided self-development program that leads to your desired outcome
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Our Services

We understand that the world is constantly changing, this includes many factors such as your expectations and alignment with the organisation you work with or being laid off from your work place, we provide the emotional and psychological support to help you transition from one career to the next that is based on your preference and desired career path.

We support you to seize this opportunity and emerge stronger where you know yourself even better.

We deliver our tailored solutions for all types of employees programs. Your goals are our goals. Let’s work together to ensure your career success.

Why our program works for you

  1. You will get individualised clarity of your exact career paths with the highest success rates
  2. Identify your internal conflicts clearly for the first time. It will give you the clarity you are looking for all this while.
  3. Understand your needs and wants at a very deep level through our Identity Psychology-based coaching.
  4. The impact of our coaching are rapid yet sustainable through the next phase of your life.
  5. It’s always confidential