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Business success through clarity.

Many business owners are looking for the HOLY grail to success. Most who have experienced our coaching realised that there are more than meet the eye in any forms of business challenges, issues and the lack of success. From leadership to how to motivation to emotional state to communication to internal clarity to burnt out to cause motivated to organised to sacrifice to innovation to decision making styles. These variables are all very important to the success of a business. Get clarity on which is your possible blindspots.

What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching with Success & I suppports leaders to understand the unseen factors that is costing the effectiveness of your business strategies, productivity of your work relationships and the sustainablity of your revenues.

Who is this for?

Business leaders, business owners, top management level.

What can you expect?

> Gain clarity and renewed enthusiasm in your business

> Stop negative repeated patterns and conflicts

> Spot relational conflicts between business partners

> Identify your certainty for success before starting a business

> Discover a proven way to find the right talent and reduce turnover rate

> Identify your most productive role in your business

> Learn the importance of retaining and engaging your team


Gain critical insights into leadership strengths and blindspots and its impact on the company and staff

Address each blindspot and its solutions

Identify potentials for succession planning

  • Laser-accurate tools and methods to get to the root of your issues and provide clarity in a few hours, not years of ineffective coaching or consulting.

  • Our experience working with more than 30,000 professionals around the world.

  • Identity Psychology-based coaching for rapid, deep, sustainable impact in your business

The Success & I Difference

Since 2004, Christine has founded her own training practice and has enabled more than 30,000 adults to discover and breakthrough in the areas of career, business and relationship. Christine is very passionate about transforming lives and heightening self-awareness through coaching and workshops. Her private and group coaching sessions are highly sought-after in Singapore and Asia as they are experiential and leaves long-lasting impact. With prior 6 years of experience in running a Headhunting firm, Christine provides relevant and practical insights to leaders who are truly committed to transforming their sales and team effectiveness. She utilities the award-winning tool, Harrison Assessment, to accurately coach CEOs, managers, executives, independent agents and business owners to identify critical blind spots and seek solutions and new possibilities. Individuals who have experienced Christine’s coaching has gained greater clarity, ease and permanent results in their success.

Who is Christine?

Janice Yu

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Mark Thompson,

Marketing Agency Partner

After just one session with Christine, she's revealed my blind spots and helped me explore my full potential in a way that nothing else has come close to. It's like having an x-ray into myself, truly revealing why my life is the way it is.

For a long time, I've been feeling stagnant in my business and life, like there was always another level I could be playing at. I've invested in multiple courses and coaches, but nothing has moved me as deeply as Christine has, in just a few hours. 

Her insights penetrate deep into your self and tool she uses lays out explicitly my strengths, weaknesses, motivations & more with factual data, but Christine's coaching delves deeper than any I've seen or felt, revealing the roots of my troubles. It's extremely self-confrontational in the most liberating way.

I walked away knowing why certain patterns in my life have repeated, why some problems seem to follow me wherever I go, and more importantly, what exactly I should work on to live a deeply fulfilling life. I truly believe Christine is one of the best in the world at what she does, and that her methods should be experienced by anyone who isn't living at their full potential.

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