About Us

Identity & I as a foundation of success


Success & I was founded with a focus on the power of a strong “I” as a precursor for success in all areas of our lives.

When you have a strong and authentic understanding of yourself everything else will begin to align in your life.

Successful career, business and personal life are all build on your perceived identification of who you are.

Only with a strong “I” can we design a HOW that make sense and moves us forward in life.

Meet the Founder & Master Coach

Christine Wong

Since 2004, Christine has founded her own training practice and has enabled more than 30,000 adults to discover and breakthrough in the areas of career, business and relationship. Christine is very passionate about transforming lives and heightening self-awareness through coaching and workshops. Her private and group coaching sessions are highly soughtafter in Singapore and Asia as they are experiential and leaves long-lasting impact.

With prior 6 years of experience in running a Headhunting firm, Christine provides relevant and practical insights to leaders who are truly committed to transforming their sales and team effectiveness. She uses the award-winning tools to accurately coach CEOs, managers, executives, independent agents and business owners to identify critical blind spots and seek solutions and new possibilities. Individuals who have experienced Christine’s coaching has gained greater clarity, ease and permanent results in their success.

With her expertise and experience, Christine has spoken on large stages around the world and appeared on media platforms like Channel News Asia, 938NOW and Motherhood Magazine, and spoken in keynotes for corporations like Great Eastern Life.

Management Team


Christine Wong



Raymond Foong



Lui Jia Huey

Operations Manager

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Dean Shams

Head of Communications


Junias Foong

Media Executive

Certified Coaches


Christine Wong


Raymond Foong


Lui Jia Huey


Rebecca Lee


Lim Shiling


Glen Yuen


Isaac Tan


Cyrene Ong


Wayne Carpenter


Onnapa Boonpiputtanapong

Extensive Experience & Insights

The management and coaching team brings with them extensive experience in corporations, business, relationships, consulting and coaching to bring you results - with a heart.

Success & I is a brand of
Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd.

Started 15 years ago by Christine Wong and Raymond Foong, Rhemaworks focus on workshops and training that transform lives.

They have been committed to the vision of every person who walks into their space finding clarity and living a fulfilled life.